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Warframe – (PC)
There is this game called Dark Sector. It’s not the best game, but it had some neat ideas. Recently I was told about Warframe. Dark Sector’s sequel. Not the story, more of the artistic styling. It takes place way in the future and you have a space ship. You’re a space ninja going on space ninja missions. It’s free to play but manages to keep that stuff out of the way — for the most part. The missions leave it open for you to pick between guns blazing or slinking through the shadows. I like sneaking. I use a bow and arrow. It’s great.

Saints Row: The Third – (PC)
I decided to play some Saint’s Row: The Third again. I started playing it at nine at night, suddenly it was one thirty in the morning. Saint’s Row: The Third is just so fun! The sense of power it hands you makes every second overflowing with fun and style. Also, base jumping.

BlazBue: Calamity Trigger – (PC)
The first time I ever played BlazBue was on the Vita. I liked it a lot. So, when it came up on a Steam sale I decided to pick it up. Here is the problem, the PC version runs at a steady 60 frames a second. Now, generally frames per second aren’t something of importance to me, but, I got shredded real quick at this new found frame rate.

Suikoden 2 – (Vita)
From the day I met Bitterly he has talked about Suikoden 2. He really likes it, a lot! Then a funny thing happened, Brad said he liked Suikoden 2. Let me tell you something about that little fact. Brad hates JRPGs. So, what was going on here? So when Suikoden 2 came out on PSN I decided to buy it and install it on my Vita. Yep, they both are right, Suikoden 2 is an amazing JRPG. I wish Square would have lifted ideas from it and implemented them into their games.

Beat Hazard Ultra – (PC)
I don’t have much to stay here, so, please enjoy this video of a perfect run I pulled off.

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