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It took me eight months to finish Outlast. Not because Outlast is hard, I just needed breaks. Quite a few. But I really love Outlast. Why? Because I like scaring the living crap out of myself. It’s just something I enjoy doing. Outlast is a crowning achievement in this department. There were times that I would tell myself not to relax because something bad was about to happen, then it wouldn’t. So I would sigh, relax a bit — then the scary thing would happen. Blood running cold kind of stuff. I’m serious, I would feel my entire body drop in temperature. I’m not even sure how that works.

Outlast 2
Outlast puts you in the shoes of a reporter investigating the strange going on of an asylum. Things start going bad pretty quick. They don’t let up after that. This unrelenting tension and sense of dread is what makes the Outlast experience what it is. I don’t know how many times I had to just stop and tell myself “It’s going to be okay.” That is a ridiculous thing if you think about it. It’s a video game! I am on a sofa, a program is being run on my computer and and image is being output to my TV. It’s a two dimensional image on a tv. I know logically that it cannot hut me. But there I was, trying to calm myself down.

Outlast 3
And that is great. I wish more games had the ability to grab you and yank you into it’s world. A world so tense and scary that when I tell people I have finished Outlast they ask me how. Most people who I talk to have made it to the wheelchair. They also think that everything up to that point was terrifying. It’s true, that opening is pretty upsetting. But it’s noting compared to what comes after. I really think Outlast is a game everyone should play at least once. I’m not even saying you should finish Outlast, just play it, for as much as you can. Really, it’s the only way you can earn one of the gaming badges of honor.

Play Outlast. I mean it. Here is a clip of me playing it.

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