7 Link Saturday: Swan Song

Felix Salmon Has Never Reviewed a Video Game

In an opinion piece about media outlets, Salmon declares that “supply creates its own demand,” and “the more wonkery there is, the more valuable it becomes.”

So, wonkery is the exact opposite of running a video game website.

Let’s Look at the 3,000 People Using Google+

A PC Magazine survey from 2011 claimed that “50% of Facebook users will leave for Google+”

No one else bothered to follow them.

The Terrible Fate of Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth was an RPG that had potential. Now it has a failed kickstarter campaign and an agreement with Atlus.

On Wonkery: How’s Free-to-Play doing?

Well enough to give up monthly subscription fees, apparently. SuperData research looks at monthly payments per user in the top MMO titles.

Oculus Pokemon

For those keeping score at home, Oculus Rift titles let you breathe with your mouth open, explore Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, and play Pokemon.

So they’ve got a pretty specific idea of their key marketing demographic.

Sega: Smart Financial Decisions Lead to Positive Outcomes

Deciding to buy Atlus, on the other hand, leads to a bunch of people getting fired.

Blah Blah Tetris Skyscrapers

People have been doing this since I was in high school, but I guess we’re supposed to be impressed because this time it was extra big.

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