7 Link Saturday: Amazon and Oculus

Some guy told me Middle Managers of Justice was a great free Android game. He was wrong.

Watching Us Watching Them

Oculus Rift users share some physical characteristics.

When Amazon Met Metacritic

Some people think Amazon’s inclusion of Metacritic info in its listings is a good thing, others say it’s a problem.

Labor Unions Killed Gamestop

Just kidding. But if labor unions ever did threaten a US business, Target has ways to deal with them.

GoG Abandons Regional Pricing Plans

In other news, “sell a game the same price in every market […] If it’s $US60 make it $AU60” may be the fastest route to bankruptcy ever invented.

Amazon Adds to its Stable

Respectable people, including Portal Designer Kim Swift, are now helping Amazon develop video games.

If You Liked Frog Fractions

…the new Kickstarter from Frog Fractions developer is nothing like Frog Fractions

Angela Lansbury: Oculus Pioneer

That one time Mrs. Potts went into virtual reality to solve a murder.

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