The Finishing Journal – Page 69

Finished – Clash of Clans (iOS)
I’ve made a mistake in gaming lately. One that I plan on exorcising right now. It’s time for a demon to come out of me… or out of my iPhone. Clash of Clans. Lets talk about this “game”. Why do I use the visual representation of air quotes? Because I don’t think Clash of Clans is a game. I think it is a way to get people to walk into a public restroom and drop their wallets in the toilet. Because that is what you are doing if you buy any gems in this game. I don’t know who Clash of Clans is for. It’s not for me. I played it to the point that the pay to win stuff got overwhelming.

I can have my base flattened by someone who is not even in the same trophy rank as me. They are not higher level… they are lower level. But apparently (unlike me) they have been to that public restroom and relived themselves of their money container. When I view their bases I am blown away by how much money they spent. It’s crazy! Who are these people. Why are they not just putting money in envelopes and sending it to me? I run this site on my own dime. I could put this money to good use! Clash of Clans is not good use!

So, what is the “game” part of Clash of Clans? It consists of doing ten to twelve taps then realizing you have a 12 plus hour wait until your builders are free to work on something else for 12 plus hours. WOOOO! You know what I like from my games? The ability to play them for how ever long I choose. I don’t know why I stuck with Clash of Clans so long. I guess I was curious what one of these games was like. You what to know what it’s like? It’s horrible. The combat has no balancing, the build times are ridiculous! It’s nothing more than a hand trying to get into your bank account. If you like good games — don’t play Clash of Clans.

Playing – Heroes of Order and Chaos (iOS)
A free-to-play game on iOS… WAIT A SECOND! Didn’t we just talk about a free-to-play game on iOS? We did! But every coin has two sides. Welcome to the other one. Heroes of Order and Chaos is (for the most part) Leauge of Legend for your iPhone or iPad/Kindle Fire/Android phone or tablet. You are provided with a good mix of free heroes each week. You can buy ones you like for gems (you buy those with real money) or the coins you earn form playing matches.

When it comes to Free-To-Play, League of Legend doesn’t feel dirty. Buying heroes and skins don’t give you an advantage in matches. The kicker is that I have given Gameloft some money so I could own a hero I like. Not once did they try to coerce money out of me. Look at that. Oh, Heroes of Order and Chaos is a MOBA. So if you get addicted to those easily… You will probably want to play this.

Playing – Final Fantasy 6 (Vita)
Like I said before, I haven’t finished Final Fantasy 6. A stain on my video game history. But one that looks like it’s going to be remedied. I’ve had a head cold and I found that a JRPG is the perfect game to play while your sinus cavity is trying to explode. I’ve lost a few fights that I shouldn’t have. But that just had to do with a lack of focus. But there is something more important than my lack of combat skill, the story. I am going to get spoliery here, so if you are playing Final Fantasy 6, skip this next part. The introduction of Cyan was in every degree tragic. To watch a person have to go through the aggony of finding his wife and child dead. Then moments later, seeing them board a train to the after life. That is some adult story telling I am sure would have been lost on me back when the game first came out.

BONUS ROUND! How Clash of Clans ended!

Well, I’m off to game.

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