Did Finish – Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love

Sometimes, when I’m playing video games, I ask myself questions. Questions like “Why am I playing this?” and “Was that side quest four hours long and all I got was a new pair of pants?” Are these good questions while playing a video game? Probably not. But as game strive to bloat themselves so they can boast about massive playtime, you have to wonder… is there a better way?

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is the better way.

cube 5
A world that needs color, and a cube on a quest of discovery. These two simple things create everything you want in a game. That long gone sense of wonder as you poke and prod at the game, just to see what would happen. You won’t find hours of tutorials or constant pop-up boxes full of repetitive information. That is refreshing! S0, so, very refreshing!

Now that you know all the things Cube & Star isn’t, why don’t we spend some time on what it is. It’s a world that needs your help. It need color. You are the perfect cube for that job. As you bounce a long in your zen-like manner you turn the gray world below you colorful. This color changes depending on color balls you pick up. The more you move, the more get colored. The world starts blending together into wonderful pallet.

cube 7
Then things start to get very cool. Grass stars to grow and the world  takes on life.

But coloring the world isn’t all you are doing. You are also collecting bits and pieces of the past. These will lead you to understand more of the world. Discovery and exploration. What a wonderful thing.

cube 4
I found it simple to slip into the moment to moment calming atmosphere that Cube & Star provides. Instead of doing tasks that are placed in a game just to make it larger, your time is spent just exploring. There is a grand task you are working towards — I’m not going to tell you what it is — but it’s just part of your journey.

cube 2
It’s good that Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love can exist in the same world as your Call of Duties. Because it is something special that I really want you to experience. It’s all the parts that make a game good, while cutting out off the stuff we tell ourselves we need to make an experience “robust”. It’s great! Just go play it. Because deep down, your inner gamer is screaming at you to do so!

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