7 Link Saturday: Nautical Themes

This week, since none of us got hired by Nate Silver, we’re consoling ourselves with some links. Join us in “the bottom right quadrant” as we look at this week’s stories!

Video Game Journalists: Unprofessional Misreporters

Creative director Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog was “unprofessionally misreported,” says Naughty Dog

The company is concerned that “the personal reputation of two of our employees is being damaged.” it’s open season if you have anything unflattering to say about former employees. Wait, was that misreported?

RPG Armor Design Docs

A reference guide for artists

Either a “how-to” or a “how-not-to,” depending on your perspective.

Oculus Rift is the Whitest Game System You Know

Super-nerds construct a virtual reality model of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment

Remember when Adam Orth games were the most embarrassing thing about Oculus Rift? We lived in simpler times back then.

Nintendo’s “QOL” Project Invites Speculation

Everyone wants more details about their “Quality of Life” improvement plans.

They’ve spent a few years figuring out how to recapture the success of non-games like Brain Age and Wii Fit, and they’re saying more about it as those plans get closer to reality. It’d just be easier for Nintendo to chart a course if their flagship Wii U system wasn’t on fire and sinking.

SCEA’s Jack Tretton Is Taking This Job and Shoving It

Sony Computer Entertainment America and 14-year veteran Jack Tretton have “reached an agreement not to renew his contract”

Jack Tretton is the man who saved Playstation. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but when you think of E3, you have to think of Jack’s stage presentations. What’s next for Sony? Probably building a boat out of money to sail across the money sea.

Ouya Pulls a France

Console designed for ported for mobile games wants to retreat from its console focus, leaving it with…?

They’re striking their colors, running up the white flag before Amazon’s Slambox arrives on the scene, right? This looks like their way of announcing unconditional surrender.

Disney Infinity Fans: Remain Calm. Disney Interactive Employees: Remain Less Calm

Disney Interactive announces that 700 people now have more free time to enjoy Disney Infinity

We feel bad for everyone who lost their job. Disney seems to have the habit of dropping the axe on developers so they can cut costs by making them a 3rd party developer’s problem.

Now Taking Bets on Shante Sequel Cancellation

Shantae And the Pirates Curse needs just “a couple more months” for “finishing touches”

The question on everyone’s mind is whether the sequel will be famous for intense dancing and shopping action or just famous for ending up in a vaporware graveyard.

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