7 Link Saturday: Keep Shooting

This week’s links.

Publicist Unveils New FPS Idea

No gunfire, just “get this white trash on tape” for as long as you can.

Slocum is also the innovator behind this tweet:

I wonder how much education the public can stand.


Facebook: Still Has More Money Than Sense

Facebook acquires VR company Oculus Rift.


Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog will stop the beatings when the morale improves.


Goat Simulator: Internet Darling

Even non-gamers love telling people that Goat Simulator is the greatest thing ever. The launch trailer means that they aren’t going to shut up for a long time.


“Candy, Crushed.”

Someone at Slate spent way too long coming up with a witty caption for its story about the disappointing King IPO.


Fancy New Algorithm Makes Prettier Graphics

This is another story pimping an upcoming game, but it’s leaning hard on the “we’ll have game changing graphics!” angle.


Viking Rats: They’re a Thing

“The rat had found its way into the apartment cellars by chewing through cement and wood.”


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