7 Link Saturday: Google frees phone, Wii U is better than 360, and Minecraft Movie?

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Come Infringe Some

3D Realms thought that Duke Nukem Forever was so bad they can do better

A while back Gearbox purchased the Duke Nukem rights from 3D Realms. They then cursed us all with Duke Nukem Forever. Not happy with the end result of Gearbox’s work 3D Relms sets out to make a new Duke Nukem game. Gearbox’s lawyers disagree with this notion.

3D Realms admits they have no right to make a new Duke Nukem game, but doesn’t take down the teaser site. I have to wonder if this is some sort of ruse to get the Duke Nukem name back out there? If so, I just proved it worked… crap!

Lights, Camera, Grass Blocks

Notch decides that being installed on every PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and mobile isn’t enough.

After recently shutting down a kickstarter for a fan-made Minecraft movie, Notch takes to twitter to confirm Warner Brothers is developing a Minecraft film. Seeing how the Lego Movie has been a run away hit, this movie makes sense. As far as putting a plot to a game that is about making your own fun? That will be the real trick.

The Wii U outsells the Xbox 360… in Japan

A few years back the Xbox 360 quietly left the Japanese market while no one noticed. 

Who knew that when the Japanese refused to buy the Xbox 360 it would open the door for the Wii U to outsell something. Mostly this is just a nice headline for the big N.

The Fable of a “Trainwreck”

Out spoken game designer Peter Molyneux has some thoughts on Fable III

It’s not a secret that I thought Fable 3 was terrible. It seems I am not the only one who thinks so, the guy who created the series agrees. I guess that explains the ending?

Kinect is in forever?

Phil Harrison thinks that the Kinect is an important part of the Xbox experience. 

Most of the time I’ve spent with the Kinect involves a non-stop string of profanity streaming though my mind. Setting up a game of Fruit Ninja for my daughter makes me want to punch myself in the chest until my heart ruptures. So when people talk about the Kinect, I tend to tune out. But good for them for following their dream!

Not the King of Candy

King finds out that when you try to copyright the word “Candy” all of gaming hates you instantly. 

After having some trouble convincing people that they are not the worst thing ever, King.com abandons it’s pursuit of owning the word candy.

Phoneblocks lives through Google

We use Google translate to translate a story we probably could have found in English.

I dream of the future were I build a phone built how I want it built. It seems that Google wants to help me with this task.

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