7 Link Saturday: Console Yourself

I guess something about TITANFALL happened this week? I only know about it because Microsoft spent money advertising to Zelda fans on Twitter:

Microsoft One Is the New PS3

Bloomberg links are the new discussion links.

Green Throttle: The Anti-Ouya

What happens when you try to sell a console
that nobody made any games for?
You get bought by Google, apparently.

Please don’t think that I’m trying to suggest the Ouya is successful. I’m just saying “less games, more console” is the opposite of “less console, more game”

Flappy Bird as a Metaphor 

Mark Chen details his participation in game-a-week challenge,
says you should participate, too.

Read the quote about Flappy Bird being like navigating an academic career, and let it sink in for a second. Then count how many levels it works on.

Where Are They Now? Phantom Edition

Former Phantom Entertainment CEO (and convicted felon)
is all about truth these days.

Reduce Your Wanted Level

The Grand Theft Auto method of running around until the cops get bored and do something else? It actually works.

Valve and the Gun Runners

Let’s talk about buying some pretend guns.

Live Tweeting Samura Kawachi’s (Mamoru Samuragochi’s) Apology Conference

Thanks, Google Translate!  

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