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Back when I was a young gamer, I played Out of This World. I never finished it back then. I saw the ending by watching my brother. I remember watching him finish it, and then start it right over again. All in an attempt to do the perfect run.

Now here I am. I have finished Out of this World. But it’s now called Another World. I hear that is it’s proper name; the name doesn’t matter.

The twenty minutes of solid action it provides is what matters.

Another World2

You are going to die in this game. A LOT! But that’s part of the Another World experience. It’s part of the game’s charm. It’s also a call back to older sensibilities in game design. There are not many screens to traverse, but the level of difficulty on each is impressive.

Only one thing holds me back from a blanket “YOU MUST PLAY THIS” recommendation — I don’t know how its difficulty curve translates for new players. Part of what made me put up with frustrations was that I wanted this notch on my belt. If you played Out of this World, and you want a trip down memory lane, then play Another World.

If you are curious about PC games of the past, then play Another World.

If you are under the impression that this game’s release date and older graphics mean you can fly through it, you should look elsewhere.

I love Another World. Figure out which of the above groups you belong to, and chose accordingly.

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