Bioshock Rap: Did We Really Need That?

B. Indifferent: Gentlemen, I found this YouTube video for totally legit reasons, and now I’m inflicting it on you without further comment:

Tony: I’m probably going to be the odd man out here, but I didn’t not like it?

Donald: 36 seconds. That’s all I could take. Ugh! That game was such a pile of crap.

Brad: I think it says a lot about Donald’s opinion of Bioshock Infinite that he looks at a parody video starring a white guy rapping, based on a terrible Will Smith song, based on a terrible Will Smith movie, and thinks “Man, I hate that game.” Not that he’s wrong, mind you, but that is some STRONG hate.

Donald: I don’t like the game. A lot.

Tony: You, Sir, are clearly in the wrong. Critics across the country agree, BioShock Infinite was one of the finest games of 2013… maybe even one of the finest games of the past console generation.

BioShock Infinite does not deserve your unfounded hatred.  In fact, it is probably just misplaced anger based on jealousy, or some version of the hipster “not liking things that are popular” sentiment.

Yes, BioShock Infinite is the exact same game as the original BioShock, only with 100% more air. Sure, it has the same broken combat as the original, only with a few more tears in the seams. And fine, you could say Infinite has the same groundbreaking story that’s been broken into the ground previously. But…..

I think you need to stop complaining about the game and start commenting on this – dare I say it – INCREDIBLE interweb video.

B. Indifferent: I think this video is a textbook example of something that is much less than the sum of its parts.

Brad: It’s a case of “garbage in, garbage out,” except this is more like nuclear fusion with trash. Terrible song, terrible video, combined with a disappointing game, and this is what you get.

Tony: So… it didn’t make you want to buy a stylish vest???

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