7 Link Saturday: Gaming’s Greatest Real-Life Monsters Edition

There’s a theme here, but don’t read too much into it.

Adam Orth Is Not the Story

A press release about a video game is supposed to be the story. Adam Orth is just being used to get your attention.

Let’s all marvel at the cautious dance taking place in Polygon’s comments section — Polygon wants you to talk about what Adam Orth is doing, but they don’t want you to dwell on why anyone should pay attention to him in the first place.

Adam Orth may be cashing in on his infamy to hawk a new game for the Oculus Rift, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to talk about Adam Orth.

Ken Levine Follows His Dream

Ken Levine gets to follow his passion. Most of the other people who worked at Irrational get to deal with being laid off.

The best perspective comes from Twitter:

If you follow through to The Conversation, it suggests that “in an effort to hold onto the valuable source that is Levine’s auteur-ness for future products, [the Publishers] allowed him to write this heartfelt letter about what he would like to do next. The other employees are, again, hidden from sight.”

Mass Murderers Love the PlayStation 3

Norwegian killer Anders Breivik is giving video game fans a bad name by threatening a hunger strike over access to better games.

Murderous nutcase acts out for attention, film at 11:00.

Possibilities Abound for a Port Royale Reboot

Perhaps a 21st-century trading sim where you ship alfalfa across the Pacific?

We could use this space to talk about how King, the company behind Candy Crush Saga, will make some already-rich people a lot of money, but I’d rather discuss the plight of alfalfa farmer Ronnie Langrueber.

Langrueber has “to do something to balance that trade imbalance,” and he wants “to grow a crop and export it and create this mass economic engine that drives the country.” According to Langrueber, the only alternative is watering golf courses for movie stars, so let’s take a moment to salute his commitments to patriotism and civic duty.

I’m sure that making money to keep his farm in business is just an unexpected (and possibly unwanted!) side effect of his noble actions.

Luigi’s Days Are Numbered

Nintendo says that there’s less than one month remaining in the Year of Luigi

Year of Luigi, we hardly knew ye. At least we’ll have memories. Memories, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which is a pretty great game.

Treating Cyberbullying Like Some Kind of Game

Mobile game High School Story refers more than 100 teens each week to anti-bullying resources

I feel like repurposing a Homer Simpson quote: “Marge, why do we have to talk to our kids about bullying? Can’t they just learn about it the same way we did? Through video games?”

Finland, Ladies and Gentlemen

Google Translate to the rescue! Also, the picture explains a lot.

1) Finland has a Reindeer Herders’ Association
2) They are spraying reindeer horns with reflective material to prevent traffic accidents.

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