The Finishing Journal – Page 67

Playing – DMC: Devil May Cry (Steam)DMCSometimes you don’t play a game, then when you play that game, you are sad. I am sad that I am playing DMC. Not because it’s a bad game, but because it’s a great game! A game that (if it keeps up it’s level of quality) would have been in the running for Game of the Year. I have a feeling it would have been stiff competition for our winner. When Ninja Theory announced that they were changing Dante in some drastic ways, I was not happy.

Devil May Cry is an important game to me. It was the reason I purchased a Playstation 2. I’m sure if platinum trophies existed back then, I would own the one for the original Devil May Cry. I really like the game, and I really liked the character of Dante. So, new Dante? Didn’t sit well.

So, how is new Dante? Better than old Dante. Ninja Theory are really good at what they do. After Enslaved: Journey to the West, I had a new found respect for the company. That was the only reason I picked up DMC. I was doubtful. That doubt is gone. It was gone a few seconds into the game play. The combat is super fun and smooth! I’m in love with this game.

Playing – Spelunky (Steam)
SpelunkyOh wow, I die a lot in this game. It makes me question my skill as a gamer… More on this topic later.

Playing – Another World (Steam)
AnotherWorldYou know when you were younger, and there was that game that your brother was really good at, but you weren’t? That game was called “Out of this World”. It seems that in other parts of the world “Out of this World” was named “Another World”. I never finished worlds that were Out or Another. I saw the ending, several times. My brother was really good at it, and we didn’t have a whole lot of game. It was that dark time before Steam.

So, now I have a copy of Another World. I will finish it. I will see the ending while I am in control of the game. I also have the added bonus of the new HD graphics. The game looks like I remember it. How I remember it isn’t even close to to what it actually looked like. You can switch on the fly between the classic and HD.

Playing – Dark Souls (Steam)
DarkSoulsOh wow, I die a lot in this game. It makes me question my skill as a gamer… Well, maybe not. My time with Demon’s Soul’s has prepared me for this. Well, maybe not on this level. I’ve died quite a few times because I was just dumb. I am not really that far into the game, because of all the laying down to die.

Playing – Ni No Kuni (PlayStation 3)ninoOne of my most favorite movies is Princess Mononoke. So the blending of Studio Ghibli and a Level 5 JRPG should be the best thing ever. Right? I should be really into this game. Right? I’m only a few hours in, but it’s just not clicking. I’m not going to stop. It’s a JRPG. They tend to be a slow burn up front. I just have to find a way to start liking the main character. Because I kind of don’t.

Playing – Electronic Super Joy (Steam)super joyI like DubStep. I like Electronic music. I like it more than songs with words. I like Super Meat Boy. I like it a lot. Electronic Super Joy mashes those two things together. Electronic Super Joy is just a crazy little game, it’s a wacky game. It’s a game that is hard to explain. I fought the Pope. I shot rainbow missiles at him while flew around in a space ship. That is what I classify as crazy!

Playing – Hero Academy (Steam/iOS)
ha copyHero’s Academy. I am so torn on the topic of this game. I have a lot of fun when I am playing it. When I am not playing it I am wondering why it doesn’t have some sort of single player mode. A-Sync gameplay is fun and all, but I need to play a round or two of this game uninterupted. It’s hard to get a good sense of how the units work. It has a challenge mode, but they are little one-off puzzles that don’t scratch that itch. I will keep playing it, but I will keep wondering why it’s not letting me play it.

Well, I’m off to game.

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