The Finishing Journal – Page 66

Playing – Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
PersonaI started Persona 4 Golden over. I hadn’t played for quite some time and wasn’t sure what was going on in the story. It was hard to delete a save that was 15 hours old. But now, I am over 30 hours in and I’m starting to form some strong opinions about this game.

I just finished saving someone from the Midnight Channel who’s struggle with his shadow self was tear jerking. It really made me think about people I know in my life. We think we know someone, but do you really know what they are dealing with inside? No. Is a video game supposed to make me think about real life? I don’t know. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Playing – Deep Black: Reloaded (Steam)
deep blackWhat can I say about Deep Black: Reloaded? It’s really not good. That’s what I can and will say about it. From the terrible controls to the overly chatty enemies there is not much going for Deep Black: Reloaded. Why is it reloaded? I don’t know.

The big feature in Deep Black over the run-of-the-mill third person cover based shooters is that you can swim. From one room that has you doing cover based another. Augh! This game is so bland! I got it to play on my Black Friday live steam. I was going to play Black on the PS2 but I couldn’t get things set up right. So I drastically downgraded to this turd gem.

Playing – Terraria (Steam)
TerrariaCort (who I play Terraria with ) messaged me on Steam. He said he had a story I wouldn’t believe. I don’t believe we landed on the moon, so he has quite a bar to jump over. He found Hell in Terraria. HE FOUND HELL! This is awesome! The game has Hell. We can now say things like “Do you want to go to Hell?” and “Go to Hell.” and “Let’s go to Hell together.”

Hell is a scary place. I find myself dying at the hands of everything there. But I am proud to say that I have climbed my way out of Hell like I was the star of a Clive Baker film. Terraria keeps amazing me with every moment I play.

Playing – Dragon’s Dogma (PlayStation 3)
dragons dogmaThe story how how my time wit Dragon’s Dogma so-far is not a great one. The game is not great at giving me the info dump type of information I crave in this type of RPG. I want pages of text explaining things to me. Since Dragon’s Dogma lacks this feature… I have started Dragon’s Dogma over 6 times. Why? Because I needed to roll my character over again. And again, and again. Once I got everything set just right it asked to to create my main partner who would be with me for the rest of the adventure. I messed her up. Bad. The voice… The voice I picked for her was so terrible I had to start the game over again. Dragon’s Dogma could do a better job of helping you at the beginning. But part of me respects it for not. Her voice was really annoying.

Playing – Forza: Horizon (Xbox 360)ForzaI haven’t taken a spin in a Forza game since the second entry in the series. Most of my racing game history is tied up in Dirt, Burnout, and Project Gotham Racing. To say that Forza horizon was a shock to me is a gross understatement. The first thing I learned is that car enthusiasts who gather in the desert to race:

a:) Are totally cool.
2:) Are kind of chauvinist.
omega:) Are caught up in serious drama surrounding the Forza Horizon competition.

I was then asked to drive a Mustang car in a race against a Mustang airplane. It was that moment I realized I had not idea what was going on in this game. But the driving part seems solid. I just don’t know if I want to slog through the thing that no race car game should have — a story line.

Playing – Dungeon of the Endless (Steam)DotE
What happens when Roguelike and Tower Defense collide in one game? First is the stupid grin on my face when I play Dungeon of the Endless, second is a good experience thus far. Dungeon of the Endless if my first Early Access game. I was kind of opposed the practice. After thinking about it, and playing some one, I realized the Finishing Journal and Early Access could be great friends. So, after you are treated to a very fun opening, you find yourself stranded on a planet. You have to go out and collect items, fight bad guys and set up defenses. Your goal it to project a crystal in your ship — and then, when the time comes, carry it to the next level. At first I thought Dungeon of the Endless was not giving me as much control as I thought I deserved. Once my brain relaxed a bit I found things going much better. I recorded my first big attempt at the game. Please enjoy it below. We are going to be visiting this topic quite a bit in the next few weeks.
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Well, Iā€™m off to game.

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