The Did Not Finish – Games that were great but not Game of the Year

5. Vanquish: The best sliding and shooting game I played this year. Vanquish is a better version of Gears of War! The freedom of movement is astounding. Shooting then sliding away– just to shoot at other things — and slide away from that, is just cool. Also, the main characters smokes inside his helmet. How hardcore is that? All the way.Vanquish 7

4. Portal 2: Did it come out in 2013? No. Did I play it in 2013? Yes I did! Portal 2 was a wonderful journey for me. I missed it when it first came out due to an unfortunate tweet from someone I didn’t know. It seemed their soul purpose was to spoil the ending of the game… on the day it was released. It took me a while to forget the tweet and move on. Portal 2 is everything I loved about Portal, but magnified. Combining great writing and brilliant voice acting, Portal 2 is one of the best games I played in 2013. The4th best in fact.Portal2-2

3. Hotline Miami: It came out on Playstation 3 and Vita this year, so, it sort of counts? I played it on the PC, and that version came out last year. I have confused myself now. Anyway, Hotline Miami by all means is not a game that people should not enjoy. It’s brutal and disturbing — but in a cartoony way. I simply adore Hotline Miami, every bit of it. It’s insanity, it’s brutality, it’s 80s-ness.hotline2

2. The Stanley Parable: There are times that I still wonder what makes the Stanley Parable so awesome. I assume it has to do with my time in the broom closet. My extended time in the broom closet. Why did I spend so much time in that broom closet. What a great game. Best game for standing in a broom closet of the year.stanley 3

1. Brothers: a Tale of two Sons: Did I cry at the end of Brothers? Yes. Yes I did. Brothers is a beautiful game. Some might call it spectacular. Those people are also correct. I don’t know what make Brothers so magical. I have trouble explaining why it tore at my insides as I played it. That is kind of frustrating. But it’s also a great thing. Art should be effective like that.brothers

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