The Did Not Finish – Game of the Year 2013

The winner is — The Last of Us

the last of us

Sometimes, in the early hours of the morning, I catch myself thinking about The Last of Us. It’s been quite some time since I finished it. But, still, it lingers.

So, it was not that hard to give this years prestigious Did Not Finish Game of the Year award away. Not only does The Last of Us deserve it, it earned it time and again.


All the parts you need to win the Did Not Finish Game of the Year award seem to be presents. I’m not just talking the amazing graphics, the creepy and intense atmosphere or the outstanding story. I am talking about all these things flowing together in one great moment in gaming history.

The Last of Us opens in one of the most shocking ways a game can. From there it is just one downturn after another. The Last of Us never lets up. You are drawn into the characters of Joel and Ellie — who are fantastical voice and motion acted!

TLOU2Mixing some of the most brutal moments with some of the most heartfelt ones, The Last of Us is not just a game, it is this year’s experience you should not deny yourself. Showing us the power that the Playstation 3 kept secret through it’s entire life, The Last of Us is an amazing way to send the system off.

So, myself and fellow DNF editors raise a glass to Naughty Dog for their incredible achievement. The Last of Us is the undisputed Did Not Finish Game of the Year. Not just because most of us finished it. But because its just so amazing!

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