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Would you kindly explain why this game exists?
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After I reviewed Assassin’s Creed 3 I received a nice email that told me I shouldn’t review games I didn’t like. Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t know what is broken more in Bioshock Infinite: My expectations or the combat. My guess would be the combat. So going against the sage advice of that e-mailer, I am going to tell you what I think about my time in Columbia.

About a half hour into Bioshock: Infinite I realized I hated the combat. It’s a first person shooter mechanic, running on the Unreal engine. How do you mess that up? In amazing ways apparently. It’s just not fun. It is a mob affair that is so chaotic and out of control you hardly know were you are being shot from. It’s not that the combat is difficult. With the game set to hard the fights were more busy work than anything.
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The most grievous of this offence is in a museum that is both tedious fighting and uncomfortably racist. A lot of Bioshock: Infinite deals with racial issues. Why? I don’t know. It’s just something that is there to color the world I suppose. Mostly it seemed like unguided background noise with the singular purpose to make the story seem deep.

I found few surprises in the story as it tired to twist it’s way through the narrative. What should have been great moments somehow found themselves tangled up with moments of combat. One part comes to mind, if the combat had been taken out, it would have been an amazing section of the game. But that was not and is not my choice to make.
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Lets talk about Booker and Elizabeth. That relationship is really well written. Even in the midsection of the game where the main story was dragging hard, their interactions were a reason to push forward. Unfortunately, I don’t think the payoff and the end was that great. I think that because Bioshock Infinite tries to hard to shock you and build up to a big twist at the end. It wasn’t hard to figure out what that shocking moment was going to to be.

I was sad that Bioshock: Infinite didn’t grab me in the way it’s underwater counterpart did. I don’t think that Columbia is as unique as Rapture was. Where Rapture felt like a character in the game, Columbia feels like a location you are having this adventure in. Bioshock: Infinite is a tough thing, before I started it I was very excited to play it. I was excited for just about everything about it. Now, after the slog through it, there is no part of me that would recommend you play this mess. The task of following up the first Bioshock was too lofty, and Infinite doesn’t even come close to the mystery and intrigue set by it’s former. If you loved Bioshock, leave it there.
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