The Finishing Journal – Page 65

HOLY CRAP! Well, it seems I am back! You may have noticed that site ground to a halt for a bit. We had another kid. Video games decided to take a break. So writing about video games while not playing video games is really, really hard. Good news, video games are back! So lets do this!

Playing – RAGE (Steam)
RageLong ago I played the demo for RAGE and it did nothing for me. So, that was that. Then that thing called Steam said I could play it for the weekend at no charge. Well, I guess that is a good deal. Spoiler warning: I ended up buying RAGE because I am really enjoying it. I have not finished it, so I cannot pass final judgement, but it seems to be really good at what it is doing. What’s it doing? It’s being a post apocalyptic wasteland. Loot festing, mission taking, and shooting people in the face. What more could you want? It’s also really good looking.

Another thing that it’s good at is the characters you interact with. They are much more alive than anything found in Fallout (3 or Vegas) or Skyrim. Rage Comp In place of standing there with dead eyes and motionless arms, they move around and express themselves with body language. Kind of weird. Also, there is a thing called a WingStick. You throw it. Sometimes it gets lodged in bad guys heads. It’s kind of satisfying.

Playing Dead Space (iOS)
dead space I have a sorted history with Dead Space on the iPhone. I didn’t think it controlled well when I first played it. I still don’t think it controls great, but it’s not as bad as when I first played it. Dead Space for iOS is a neat little fun house full of jump scares. I admit, I few have got me so far. I will have a lot more to say about this when I finish it. That will be soon. If I can force myself to play it. Touch screen controls. Ugh!

Playing – Bitless (iOS)
bitlessSPEAKING OF TOUCH CONTROLS! Lets talk about Bitless! Bitless is the best iPhone game I have ever played. Most games last on my phone for less than an hour. Bitless has been there for quite some time. The blood that pumps through it’s veins is the same blood that pumps through Super Meat Boy’s. It is pure in how difficult it is. It’s fair in how it sets you up to die. You don’t have to die. It’s just a side effect of not being perfect at the game. I die a lot.

Playing – Terraria (Steam)
Terraria Why on Earth would I put Terraria at the bottom of this page? Because, you have to save the best for last. Terraria is all of the fantastic lovingly welded into one near perfect package! Mixing crafting, platforming and spelunking into one place is a great thing. It helps that I have a totally awesome team mate to take the world on. We are boss killing, art collecting spelunkers. The world we are building is something really something to behold. There is a glass tower and a restaurant at the end of the universe. Did I mention the teleportation system? It makes traveling around a snap.

Well, Iā€™m off to game.

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