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Quiet, Please! was one of my favorite games of 2012. It even made the finals on the run up to game of the year. And I have good news: she’s back.

“Who?” I hear you ask. It’s the girl who wants quiet. But this time, the task is bigger, better and has more puzzles! It’s everything you want in a sequel.

You and your family take a trip to the beach. Your goal is to sit and read while enjoying the sun. The problem is that the people around you are disrupting you in one way or another. Once again, you must put a stop to that.

Vacation Vexation does something that every good adventure game should do. It gave me zero clues as to what my first puzzle was, or whether I was supposed to do anything! I spent the first half hour just walking around the town looking at things. The oceanfront town in Vacation Vexation is quite a bit bigger than your house in Quiet, Please! There are far more things to interact with, and it’s just a pleasure to visit.

I’m afraid to talk about the puzzles in Vacation Vexation, because a ton of the joy in this game lies in their discovery. I will just say that there are a lot more puzzles, and they are just as sharp and witty as in Quiet, Please.

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Vacation Vexation is a super easy recommendation for me to make. If you liked/loved/built a shrine to Quiet, Please!, there is more of its greatness here to enjoy. The ocean is calling. Go make it quiet.

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Please note that Nostatic Software provided a free copy of Vacation Vexation for review. — I am told I have to state that…

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