The Finishing Journal – Page 64

Look, I made it to Nintendo status.

Playing – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Playstation 3)GTA1So, I am forming a final opinion on Grand Theft Auto 5. It has become a modular thing for me. I enjoy doing tasks in the game. With the exception of one, I do not enjoy the characters in the game. I want to mute them when they talk. Talk is not the right word, because everyone in this game yells. They can be doing the most benign task and will yell at the top of their lungs about it. But the driving/flying/boating is fun. So I can forgive the yell fest.

Playing – Rayman Origins (Vita)rayman1The last time I played a real Rayman game was on the original Playstation. I did play a 3D Rayman on Dreamcast, but it was bad, so I stopped. So when I say the last real Rayman I played was on the Playstation, I am talking good-old 2D platforming. When Rayman Origins came out I passed it over. The scars from that 3D game had not healed. Along comes Playstation Plus dropping Origins in my account. So I started playing it.


Just WOW! Mark that one up as a big gaming mistake I made. I am playing with the D-Pad instead of the analog stick. Is that weird? It just feels better platforming with that type of input.

Playing – ICO (Playstation 3)icoThere is a phrase some gamers use that really bothers me. “Old game is old.” Well, technically that is true, but it’s dumb saying. If you can’t go back and enjoy a game on it’s merits without judging it by modern standards I feel bad for you. The last time I played ICO was on the Playstation 2, right around the time it came out. So revisiting it now is strange. It’s just so good. Is it a treat to look at by todays standards? No. But again, on it’s own merit and at the time ICO was stunning. It is still so good!

Playing – Super Meat Boy (Steam)super meatboy
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. I’m stuck on a level.

Well, I’m off to game.

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