Finishing the Week: Issue 106


Welcome to the latest installment of Finishing the Week. It’s time for the DNF crew — along with a few random special guests — to get together and toss back a few brewskis while cracking wise at the latest and greatest news the video game industry has to offer. Click the links, enjoy the banter, and feel free to talk back in the comments section below.

GlowPuff: You ever have such a good day, you think you can do anything? I felt like that today and pounded a nail into a board with my fist. I’m writing this from the hospital.

Donald: That sounds like it was AWESOME!

Tony: Sounds like someone deserves a fistbump… in three months once things have healed. GlowPuff, you gonna be ready to nail some of this week’s news?

GlowPuff: I still have one good fist, don’t I?

 10-6-1 booty

Virtually Real Booty

Summary: Borderlands 2 is over a year old and Gearbox is still spreading the love. Starting October 11th in game questing and loot hunting can lead to real world rewards.

Source: NY Daily News

GlowPuff: As long as the “virtual treasure” is not BitCoins, I’ll play.

Tony: Hasn’t Gearbox given gamers enough already? They graced the world with Duke Nukem Forever, which DNF graciously gave a score of Poop Helmet out of 5. That game is the gift that keeps on giving.

Donald: Too true, maybe this time they will offer up a code that makes Aliens: Colonial Marines fun.

GlowPuff: Might as well go looking for the Holy Grail. Not gonna find it.

 10-6-2 bone

If You Insist

Summary: If you can’t beat it… own it. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer uncomfortably embraces the Xbone nickname.

Source: GameSpot UK

GlowPuff: Maybe if they respected the customers during the initial announcement, the customers would have respected the name? Just sayin’.

Donald: Well, now that Microsoft it down with Xbone I guess it’s cool now?

Tony: So, Phil had been looking at the name Xbox One for months and couldn’t put one and One together to come up with Xbone?!? That’s just downright stupid. Maybe Microsoft should look into bringing that other guy back…

D. Mattrick: I was down with Xbone, yo! You know what is cray cray? Zynga! Ya heard son?

 10-6-3 half life 3

Leaky Valve

Summary: With rumors and hoaxes running rampant, it appears Valve might be working on Half-Life 3 after all?

Source: CVG

Donald: I wish I had a Bill Pullman Independence Day-like speech for this moment. Watch them make it Steam exclusive and blow everyone’s mind.

GlowPuff: Valve is in the news a lot lately. And it’s all good news! On a related note, how does an internal project management system get exposed to the Internet?! Note the word “internal”, meaning it shouldn’t be kept on a publicly accessible system in the first place, no?

Donald: They gave a tour to the DOTA 2 International players. It seems some of them have phones that can take these things called “pictures”.

GlowPuff: I suppose I should have read ALL of the article.

Tony: Don’t worry GlowPuff, who cares about reading things in full when you are one of the few individuals on this planet who can punch nails in with their fist? If that’s not Winning, I don’t know what is!

 10-6-4 vita tv


Summary: Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studios talks all things Sony and Vita, including the new (so far only in Japan) Vita TV.

Source: Games Industry International

Donald: I love my Vita. It makes the games on my phone looks kind of bad. I am glad that more people will have access to its content but I do worry what this will do to the future of touch input going forward for the portable.

Tony: I do enjoy me some streaming. Just please tell me I can stream my gaming devices to a different TV in the house when my imaginary fiance is watching crappy ass TV shows through my PS3’s Netflix app.

GlowPuff: I think they have a hit on their hands with that Vita TV thing.  It’s got a lot of people interested, and they’d be nuts to only release it in Japan. It’s like a ChromeCast, but like 10,000X better at less than 3X the cost. Heck, they could start integrating that into their Bravia HDTVs.

Sony: Two things — One, thank you for that idea we now own, Mr. GlowPuff. Two, what’s a Vita?

 10-6-5 batman

This Pass Needs More Seasoning

Summary: The new developers behind the new Batman game are simply floored that people think the DLC announced for the game’s upcoming season pass is mostly cos(tu)metic.

Source: IGN

GlowPuff: I saw the words “DLC” and “season pass”, and I’m against it already… and I haven’t even read what you get with it. It makes me so mad, I’m throwing the microphone at the wall and flipping the table before walking away.

Tony: Dear GlowPuff, just once I wish you’d throw your own microphone when you go on one of these game rant tantrums…

Donald: This reminds me of the good old days of Season Passes and DLC on the SNES…. I’m all for expanding a game in meaningful ways post release, but costume packs are not meaningful.

Batman Beyond Batman: Whatevs, dude, that’s like you’re opinion and stuff.

Batmankoff: Da, and that opinion is pure Bolshevik, Comrade.

60’s TV Batman: Yeah, costume packs are totally groovy, man.

Assless Chaps Batman: Hey 60’s Batman, care to hit the town?

The Dark Knight Returns:

 10-6-6 vending

Just Stick to Used Panty Vending Machines

Summary: Google Japan plans to release a few Google Play vending machines into the wilds of Tokyo that allows you to download games to your phone using near field communication.

Source: Engadget

Donald: Google Play vending machines… for when clicking the app store icon on your phone’s screen is just far too inconvenient!

GlowPuff: I have to say, that’s one of the neatest uses of NFC I’ve seen.

Donald: I wanted to download the new GlowPuff game, but I couldn’t find a vending machine. Oh well!

Google Play Vending Machine: Don’t worry Donald, Google has assessed the situation and we have decided to assimilate every single network in the world to ensure that any Wi-Fi enabled device within your vicinity will be able to access your phone using NFC. We have already downloaded GlowPuff’s entire catalog to your phone (including a few DLC costume packs that we’ve taken the liberty to create on his behalf) your payment has already been accepted. Thank you for your purchase.

GlowPuff: Even better!

Tony: So, guys… I don’t mean to interrupt, but I’d really like to finish the week in the first time in a lot of weeks. Whaddya say? Let’s get out of here and go hit the town with the Assless Chaps and 60’s Batmen??!?!

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