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As I have said before, I was not looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 5. Now that I have seen the story through I can honestly say that I am glad that I played it. It is by no means a masterpeice, in fact, it’s kind of broken. But in some amazing ways. I don’t like two of the three main characters — Trevor, and Michael. To my dismay they take the torch away from Franklin — who is playing the traditional role of a GTA main character — and move the story in bland directions.

Here is my problem, since I don’t like them, I don’t care about the history they have together. On top of that they are just playable versions of people you would go to for missions in previous GTA games. They also like to shout at each other. Well, everyone in this game like to shout at each other. I am not into the criminal life so I don’t know if shouting is the main form of communication or not. But it wore thin quick. I played a good portion of the game muting the cut scenes and just reading the subtitles. That is too bad, even though I don’t like the characters, the voice acting is top notch. Just really loud and aggressive. Things that you don’t think need to be yelled about are.

The previous Grand Theft Auto game burned me out before I reached the end. I was glad that I didn’t (fully) experience this fatigue this time round. There are several missions in the middle that could have been cut. They didn’t move the story much and felt more like artificial ways to extend the length of the story so a PR team could boast about how many hours the story takes to complete. Some of them are even filled with characters I liked less than Trevor and Michael. I didn’t know that was possible, but it was.

The story is nothing amazing, but it goes to some fun places — the heists. This is why I came to Grand Theft Auto 5. This is also where the games shines the most! Where most of the missions are traditional to the Grand Theft Auto format (go here>kill him>take this>drive it here) the heists break that mold. They are thrilling, and get your adrenaline going. They leverage the most important element of Grand Theft Auto (the city) to their advantage in a way the other missions do not. I cannot stress enough how good these missions are. I forced my way through the missions that lacked imagination and fun just to get to the heists. Sadly there are only 5.

Lets talk about San Andres for a moment. It is (for lack of a better word) stunning. You could drive around for hours just looking at thing. I didn’t do that, but I can appreciate the level of artistry that went into making it. I was more interested in the story and seeing it though than doing the tasks that fill the world. I dabbled in a few, but found them to be the same stuff that I got burned out on in Grand Theft Auto 4. My map is packed full of stuff to do. I won’t ever do them.

Rockstar has made an open world game according to how Rockstar wants to make an open world game. You may enjoy playing darts or going bowling in the game, I do not. I did stop to watch a movie in a theater. I don’t know how it ended, I fell a sleep then realized that I didn’t care how it ended. Same with the TV. Most of what makes the world full and robust I just didn’t care about this time around. I wanted to play the story before I got tired of the game. Then after playing the story I realized I don’t have the energy (or time) to mop up the rest of the stuff. I don’t consider this a comment on the game’s quality, it’s more of just where I am at in my life. You could spend endless hours in Grand Theft Auto 5 and never run out of things to do. That is great. Just not for me.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a part of this experience. It’s filled with all those things I don’t plan on doing but with a multi player focus. So, I guess I am done talking about Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s there I guess… enjoy?

I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 5. The writing (for the most part) hits but a few cases it misses. There is a part in there that I don’t think needed to be. I am convinced it’s only there because Modern Warfare 4 shook things up with “No Russian”. This moment was trying to be that, but manages to fall on it’s face. Hard. If (like me) you felt burned by the the closing act of Grand Theft Auto 4, this is an adventure you can take with no worries of a similar result. Plus, it’s the only game I can think of that lets you drive around with a rottweiler in the passenger seat. Talk about changing gaming forever.

……Chop the dog is awesome….

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