The Finishing Journal – Page 63

Micheal’s Eleven.

GTA5Playing – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Playstation 3)
Truth time — I was not excited for GTA V at all. The end of Grand Theft Auto 4 was bad, well, the last third of Grand Theft Auto 4 was bad. For all I know the last third of Grand Theft Auto 5 could be bad. But I don’t care, it’s really great as of now.

I am playing GTA 5 wrong. I have done a total of one optional side mission, I have no will to do them at this time. I just want to see the story through before I get burnt out on the overload of things to do. The narative so-far is solid. The way I am playing it has caused some strange moments of people being confused the passage of time. For example: I finished a mission, walked out of a building, then walked right back in. In that time, it seems a week passed. That was weird. But again, I am playing it wrong.

super meatboyPlaying – Super Meat Boy (Steam)
I am in the last stretch of Super Meat Boy. That is sad for me. I don’t want Super Meat Boy to end, I want it to continue. Forever. But it seems amazing things have to come to an end. The only requirement for me finishing Super Meat Boy is a rapid evolution in my ability to play video games. Because the closing chapter is being really mean to me.

Well, I’m off to game.

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