The Finishing Journal – Page 62

Meat is good.

Playing – Super Meatboy (Steam)
super meatboy
For reasons that are probably stupid, I missed Super Meatboy when it first came out. Due to my recent dive into the world of Steam I now find myself enjoying it. Well, enjoying may be the wrong word. After a couple minuets of Super Meatboy my hands are shaking and I question my skills at video games. But in a good way. If I thought too hard about the game I might find myself ill from it’s content. But I don’t think hard, so the gratuitous blood isn’t so bad. I ordered a Super Meatboy shirt. I would say wait for my review, but loading Steam (or Xbox Live Arcade) and purchasing it wold be a good idea.

Playing – Saint’s Row: The Third (Steam)Saints Row the Third
I recently had the need to distract myself from life. I have developed a nice case of insomnia and in a vain attempt to sleep I loaded Saint’s Row: The Third. There were many occasions that Grand Theft Auto 4 would put me to sleep — usually when driving across the city. My guess was that another open world game would have the same result. I did not.

Saint’s Row: The Third is just crazy. Crazy like a crazy bear giving a crazy bear hug to a hippie made of crazy, crazy! What strikes me most is the use to music. There is an early part in the game where you skydive onto the roof of a building with a shotgun in hand. The song playing is directly addressing the task you are preforming. It added a nice layer of feeling even more awesome to thing. I’m excited to play this one to death.

Playing – Dead Space 3 (Origin)
Speaking of excited and death — Dead Space 3. You can’t see it right now, but I am looking up at the ceiling as an exasperated breath rushes from me. Why? Because I think Dead Space 3’s weapon crafting system is terrible! I don’t understand why I can’t buy a gun that a game developer designed to be, you know, fun to use? If I want to craft crap I have a few perfectly good copies of Minecraft installed on various devices. Seriously, what is going on here? Did all the gun manufactures from the first two games just call it quits? They left the universe after hanging up a sign that read “Out of business, please build your own guns.”

I can’t seem to craft something that is awesome. I managed to break my Plasma Cutter — that bummed me out. This system is preventing me from having fun. When I look at the games I want to play I see it sitting there. But I have not clicked it in two weeks. Forget my complaints about it having Co-op. The busted gun system is just awful.

I am told if I stick it out until I get to the planet I will find parts to make more powerful guns. You know what? I have a copy of the original Dead Space installed. Maybe I will just play that again. Gun crafting…ugh.

Playing – Rad Raygun (Xbox 360)raygun
I was parusing the Xbox Independent Marketplace (also known as Well Hidden Games) when I saw Rad Raygun. It jumped out at me because the games “cover” art looks like an original Gameboy box. Seeing how demos are free to download I decided to give it a spin. It did look Mega Man-ish. Yep, it’s Mega Man-ish for sure. What I really appreciate about Rad Raygun is it’s attention to simulating a Gameboy game. There is strange screen stutter is there as it scrolls, just like I remember the Gameboy doing. Chances are if I go back and check, Rad Raygun is a lot smoother, but nostalgia will just have to let me believe what I am believing. I enjoyed beating the first boss so much I converted over to the full version. 5 levels of Mega Man goodness. Because you know Capcom is never going to give us that.

Well, I’m off to game.

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