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When I played DuckTales Remastered at E3 I came away from the experience feeling good. This feeling is greatly diminished after my time with the final product.

DuckTales Remastered suffers from something that it should not; added content. For some reason WayForward decided that the game needed a story to connect the events together. Back in the NES days this was not a concern, maybe because it was not technically possible, I don’t know the reason why. But the original was a gauntlet of pure gameplay.
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My problem is not with the story directly — that’s a lie, it’s bad — but with how it damages the gameplay. There is a certain flow you need to get into to master DuckTales. With the action being broken up so that Scrooge can dialogue that flow is impossible to find. You can skip the cinematic, but the steps you have to take to do so break the gameplay up just the same.

But it’s not all doom and gloom — DuckTales Remastered has a lot of good thing going for it. Visually it is stunning. A crazy amount of attention when into recrating the animated look of the cartoon. And the recreations of the levels are very true to the original. I know this because muscle memory tells me so. I was able to cruise through the game relying only on that.

If you decide to watch the cinematics and you remember the cartoon you will find all the voice actors have lent their skills to the game. For better and worse. The quality to of the delivery varies wildly giving you an uneaven experience.

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All and all I found DuckTales Remastered a mixed bag. Giving me just enough call back to nostalgic memories to not despise it for the changes made. But finding the lack of getting into a pure gameplay flow aggravating. A problem that could have been solved by including the original content in it’s original form.

If you have fond memories of DuckTales be warned. It is something you remember while not being what you remember. If you can overcome the the breaking of the gameplay then by all means pick up DuckTales remastered. If you want the pure experience the original offered, go find the DuckTales NES cart. Because this is not that game.

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