The Finishing Journal – Page 61

Well, I guess we all knew this day would come…The gates of Hell have opened — on my laptop.

Playing – Dead Space 3 (Origin/Steam)DeadSpace3It’s no secret, I’ve been hard on Dead Space 3. So here we are, I started playing it.

Let’s talk about it, okay? I was worried about universal ammo before the game came out. Am I enjoying it? No, it’s terrible! I plowed through the first three hours without running out of ammo. So, yes, the stress of running out of ammo is gone.

So how about the atmosphere? That’s intact — some what. It feels a little too action gameish. It’s forcing me to play differently from how I have been playing Dead Space. Is that a bad thing? Little bit.

A few hours in, I don’t hate it.

Playing – Plants vs Zombies 2 (iPhone)pvz2After countless hours of playing the original Plants vs Zombies it’s time to dive into the sequel. It’s free-to-play. I’m not going to hold that against it. Mostly because it hasn’t asked me for money, yet.

I really don’t know how that will rear it’s ugly head, so stay tuned for that crushing disappointment. Apart from the new art style, this is form and function Plants vs Zombies. That’s a good thing.

Well, I’m off to game.

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