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Do you have fifteen seconds? Are you an expert at bomb defusing? Are you okay with failure? Then McPixel may be the game for you.

McPixel is a take on McGruber, who in turn is a take on McGyver. With such a rich lineage of character history, it’s not hard to see why McPixel is so awesome!

Embracing minimalist design, McPixel tasks you with finding ways to defuse bombs in a WarioWare-style gauntlet of levels. The answers for defusing each bomb are not cut and dried. For the most part, you have to think so far outside the box that you start to wonder if the box ever existed in the first place.

8From weed-smoking aliens to helping Batman save a train, McPixel is a crazy trip. Fast and crazy thinking is all you need for a membership here. If you have a few bucks, and a couple of hours, McPixel is a good place to be.

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