Finishing the Week: Issue 98

Welcome to the latest installment of Finishing the Week. It’s time for the DNF crew — along with a few random special guests — to get together and toss back a few brewskis while cracking wise at the latest and greatest news the video game industry has to offer. Click the links, enjoy the banter, and feel free to talk back in the comments section below.

Donald: What happened last week?

Tony: I’m not sure, and I can’t remember what excuse I was going to go with.

B. Indifferent: Just don’t use alien abduction again.

Tony: I remember Donald filling the beer fridge. After that, things get a little hazy.

GlowPuff: You drank yourself into a coma within a few hours, so the rest of us colored on you with permanent markers.

Tony: So there was no kidnapping then? I thought my body was covered in alien hieroglyphics.

GlowPuff: And I thought you could hold your liquor.

Tony: Yeah, that was news to me. Just like this is hopefully news to you.

7-21-1 101

Wonderful Enough

Summary: You probably won’t see any future DLC content for the upcoming Wii U exclusive, Wonderful 101, because Platinum Games feels the game is already awesome enough.

Source: IGN

Tony: This is a novel concept. Remember when ALL games used to be like this?

Modern Gamer: No, we all have ADD and can’t remember what happened five minutes ago, let alone 5 years ago.

B. Indifferent: Does anyone know what Wonderful 101 is actually about? I have seen tons of stories where Hideki Kamiya runs his mouth about how great it’s going to be, and zero stories proving that he isn’t Japan’s version of John Romero hyping “Daikatana 2.0

GlowPuff: Well, we all know DLC is up to the publisher, not the developer. If the publisher wills it, Kamiya’s “no DLC in this game” policy will make an abrupt about face. Almost as abrupt as Microsoft’s 180 on the XBone’s DRM policies.

Donald: I don’t think we will see DLC on ANY Wii U games. That would require Nintendo to understand two things: DLC and post release support.

Tony: Don’t be so hard on Nintendo. They’re a little rusty on the concept of actually releasing games, so how do you expect them to understand what should happen after the fact?

7-21-2 candy

The Candy Crush Can

Summary: Candy Crush Saga, a Facebook/mobile game that’s strangely NOT developed by Zynga has stolen the top spot on the most played charts.

Source: Kotaku

Donald: People prefer a game developed by another company on Facebook? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!

Tony: Well, I don’t know what iss happening here, and I don’t care. I’m sick and tired of “match three” games. I just wish America would stop wasting their time by playing stupid mobile games and go back to wasting their time by watching bad television like Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory like they used to. Wait,  now-a-days they probably do both at once so they can be twice as productive at nothing.

B. Indifferent: I think we all know what happened here — the Bitterly Indifferent bump. Sure, it has been six months since I originally wrote about Candy Crush, but there’s a clear link between my discussion of the game and its rise to the top spot on the charts.

GlowPuff: Wow, Candy Crush “crushed” it. Pun intended.

7-21-3 FF15

There Can’t Be Only One

Summary: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will not be showing up on Xbox One because Square Enix doesn’t like Xbox Live’s policy regarding cross-platform play.

Source: RPG Site

B. Indifferent: Square already ruled out the Wii U because they wanted to port their games between the Xbox and PlayStation, but now they’re ruling out the Xbox? They’re going to end up building the most portable game series that never gets used anywhere.

Donald: Oh no, an online Final Fantasy not coming to some platforms? What in the World of Warcraft will we ever do? I thought this game was canceled? Guess not.

GlowPuff: This is what happens when the system is so locked down, developers have no freedom.  Just look at their Live achievement system (on Windows Phone).  It’s so locked down, only top tier devs have access to those features.  Indie devs can’t even apply for it.  Meanwhile, iOS (Game Center) and Android (Google Play) give API access to every developer to tap into achievements, leaderboards, and other features.

William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!

Tony: I guess we know where the Scots stand in the Xbox One vs. PS4 debate.

7-21-4 Capcom


Summary: Capcom’s senior VP, Christian Svensson, decides to take one for the team, and a bunch of other Capcom employees had similar decisions made for them.

Source: Polygon

Donald: If only they had a franchise the people were begging for that would net them millions of dollars. Then these people wouldn’t be out of a job.

B. Indifferent: I’ll give Capcom points for identifying what they’re good at and sticking with it. It’s a two part plan, first you identify what people want — whether that’s “another Mega Man” or “a steady paycheck” — and then you do everything in your power to NOT give it to them.

Tony: I wonder if it was Christian’s layoff had anything to do with possible inappropriate office behavior… I mean he is gathering resumes so he can send them out to “contacts around the industry to see if there’s a ‘love connection’ to be made.” Every time I’ve ever tried to make a “love connection” at work, I’ve been fired the next day… well, except for here of course. Donald is very tolerant.

7-21-5 COD CoOp

Call of Co-opy

Summary: Call of Duty: Ghosts might have some sort of possible co-op mode in the works, or it might not. It’s all very confusing and whatnot. Infinity Ward’s community coordinator clearly has no idea what may or may not be going on, but she sure wants to talk about it.

Source: IGN

Donald: Are we just going to have to get used to news being generated from off-hand comments made in tweets? “We may OR may not have a co-op mode.”

GlowPuff: Hopefully it’s as “good” as the co-op experience in Dead Space 3! /s

Donald: That game is Dead (Space) to me. Never speak of it again.

Tony: Donald, can I ditch my News Editor title for Community Coordinator? Because if this is where the bar is set, I’d love to have the responsibility of not knowing/saying anything of merit ever again and be compensated for those skills.

Donald: Prove it.

Tony: Someday I might write another of sort, but I’m not announcing it yet and I’ve no clue when/if I will ever write again.

Donald: So I can “promote” you to maybe not ever write another article for DNF, or I could just keep you at News Editor and get the same results? Tough decision.

7-21-6 xbox names

What’s in a Name?

Summary: Check out this list of potential names for the original Xbox and try not to giggle. Go ahead, I dare you.

Source: Edge

B. Indifferent: Whatever happened to truth in advertising? They should just call it the “Microsoft CASH GRAB” and be done with it.

Tony: That doesn’t provide a clean acronym. Microsoft probably didn’t want to associate themselves with Hollywood director, McG, who was “hot” off of Charlie’s Angels at the time.

GlowPuff: Personally, I would have gone with “MEGA”: “Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Attendant or Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Assembly”.  That’s a mouthful!

Tony: Yeah, then discs/games for the console could have called MEGAs which would have been like totally rad and stuff, man!

Donald: I wish they had picked “FACE”. You know how much I would have enjoyed watching them unveil the FACE ONE? Then instead of Xbone we would be calling it the Fone.

A. Orth: Speaking of Xbox One, you should have seen the list of names I cooked up. My personal favorite was Deal With It, but Microsoft said they didn’t want to confuse their product with drinking and driving… and I here I figured it would help all the losers with spotty internet service out in the boonies relate to the console!

7-21-7 NCAA

There’s No “E” in NCAA

Summary: EA, and the NCAA will soon be parting ways, however, the company has no plans to stop making college football games.

Source: The Verge

GlowPuff: Boo hoo. I lost my license to drive because of excessive driving under the influence.

Tony: I guess we know where GlowPuff stands in the Deal With It vs. PS4 debate.

Donald: Is the NCAA the basketball or the football one? I seem to care about this news… A LOT!

Brad via Telephone: The football one.

Tony: Yeah, for all you nerds who don’t know what football is, it’s that game where you manage a team of warriors with special powers like speed and arm strength, and you pick “plays” off a menu, then let the computer A.I. do all the rest of the work for you.

7-21-8 Smart Glass

Microsoft Not-So-Smartglass

Summary: Rayman Legends creator, Michel Ancel, doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say about Microsoft’s Smartglass… or the Wii U gamepad for that matter.

Source: CVG

B. Indifferent: Wow, this would be devastating news if, y’know, anyone cared about playing Rayman Legends.

Tony: Dude, EVERYONE wants to play Rayman Legends. Isn’t that why Ubisoft decided to delay the former Wii U exclusive and port it to other systems? Oh, wait, no… they only did that because more than 10 people wanted to play it.

Donald: I used Smartgalss once. It showed me all the things I could purchase off the Xbox marketplace. It extended all the ads off my TV onto my phone. Cutting edge technology!

GlowPuff: Idea — try using an iPad instead.

Donald: Seriously GlowPuff? An iPad? Who owns one of those? Surface is the number one tablet computer. So that makes Smartglass awesome!

7-21- new nintendo

Wii U Ever Make a New Franchise?

Summary: Legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto says he’s hard at work on a top secret new franchise that he can’t tell us about yet.

Source: Kotaku

Donald: New franchise for the Wii U… how about you just release some games? That would be a great start.

Tony: What’s a Wii U?

S. Miyamoto: Did you not read my quote? The Wii U is a useful item for the living room.

Tony: What exactly does that mean? Is it a coaster or something? I do need to find something to put my beer can on when I’m busy gaming. And speaking of that… I’ve gotta go. I just refilled my beer fridge at home, and I’ve got some blacking out to do. See you all next week!

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