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Apparently, being a serial killer is as fun as I always assumed it would be.

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I remember the first time I played Hotline: Miami — I burst through a door, knocked a guy down, and then beat his head on the floor until he stopped moving. This first impression of Hotline: Miami‘s gameplay held up through the entire experience. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but I found it quite exhilarating. It’s probably a bad thing, but, whatever.

Hotline: Miami is rad.

I can use the word “rad” un-ironically because Hotline: Miami is set in the 80’s, a long-gone time full of neon, neon, and even more neon. People were rad, and something cool was boss. I have never been in Miami during the 80’s (or ever), but the world depicted in Hotline: Miami is a grim one. Well, the world that your character lives in is a grim one. Everything else seems okay.

You may be asking whether the Hotline: Miami experience is a good litmus test to see whether you are an unhinged psychopath. It is! If cracking skulls open with a steel pipe repulses you, you are a fine member of society. If it brings you joy, then you (and I) should consider mental counseling after we’re done enjoying Hotline: Miami.

Hotline: Miami‘s anti-hero has a problem: people keep leaving messages on his answering machine telling him to go to specific locations. When he gets there, he puts on a rubber animal mask and start killing people. You are not really told why, it just happens because they are there.

If I was a thinking man, I might wonder if this is a comment on modern game design. Receive a mission and complete the task without question, just to advance the story and get to the ending. But, I have never claimed to be a thinking man, so let’s just say that these missions are a massive amount of fun. They are also puzzles. Really good puzzles. You can go in guns (or knives) blazing, but, one shotgun blast later you will be dead.

It’s easy to die. You will die a lot. It’s not a big deal; Hotline: Miami drops you right back into the action without missing a beat. Fast and fluid controls connect you with your character. An amazing sound track keeps your head bobbing. Blood splattered floors keep you questioning weather or not this is right. It’s probably not, but Hotline: Miami is an amazing game. You owe it to yourself to take a ride down the crazy hole that it opens up under your feet. I loved Hotline: Miami — maybe just a little too much.

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