Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z at E3


I love Ninja Gaiden. I have since the days of the orignal NES. Then fell in love all over again with the Xbox versions. Resident Evil, on the other hand has been all over the place. As it’s fluctuated between survival horror and fast paced actioneer, there’s been a lot to love and a lot to leave for me. So, when I heard that Team Ninja was making a game with former Capcom and Resident Evil legend, Keiji Inafune, starring ninjas and zombies… well, I was pretty much mostly on board.

After playing the demo, I can safely say, I’m fully on board. It looks like you’re playing a 3D anime. The cell shading is a nice look and fits the title well. The combat is very much Ninja Gaiden, fast and furious. It took a while to get used to a couple things, like the seeming lack of jump, and instead of the dodge roll from previous franchise entries, you had a kind of hyperspeed forward “leap”.

It didn’t take long before the screen was aflutter with flying limbs and crimson blood, which felt very satisfying, but there were times where the camera couldn’t keep up, which is nothing fans haven’t grown accustomed to by now.

Most importantly, I had a big, fat smile on my face the whole time. This title should be one to keep an eye on.

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