Transistor at E3

I stood in line to play Transistor. I stood in line because I wanted to play Transistor. But I was not prepared for what I was about to play. What I played was beyond anything I expected. First off, Transistor is beautiful. It is super sharp and oozing with style. But what got me most about Transistor was how you fight enemies. When your sword (the Transistor) charges up you pull the R2 trigger and everything pauses. Then you can plan out your attack by moving around and targeting enemies. When you pull the R2 trigger again your character springs into action, following the commands you just imputed. It is fast, and it is fluid.

The narrator form Bastion is back, but this time he plays the Transistor. The only real let down in the Transistor hands-on demo was that it ended. It ended wanting me so much more. Transistor was easily my Game of the Show.

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