Octodad at E3

Octodad is something strangely wonderful. At first, I was not sure if I was playing some sort of Dual Shock 4 training game, or a real game. I am happy to report that Octodad is a real game. Octodad may win the award for most confusing controls in a game ever. But that’s only at first glance. Once you have them down, all I was left with was the charming adventure of an octopus dad getting ready for a wedding. So, what are so confusing about the controls?

You have two modes, arms and legs. Much like they sound, one mode controls your characters arms, and the other controls your legs — or as an octopus, would I just call everything my legs? — anyway, you must switch between the two modes to make Octodad do as your will commands. The first task was simple: clear a table. I waved my arms around until the table was clear, then a wall fell down. I was asked to walk forward. Getting Octodad to do that task was no small feet. Left stick moves the left foot, right foot moved the right foot. I felt like I was learning to walk all over again. Since I don’t remember learning to walk the first time, this felt like a monumental achievement. Once I got the hang of it, it was really no problem moving him around in the world.

Octodad is visually fun to look at. The characters are large and colorful and the world has a very smooth and has a welcoming feel to it. Plus, everything you run into you can knock over. I imagine one of the trophy goals in Octodad will be to move through a room without knocking anything over. I would have failed at that task in this demo. I managed to destroy everything. But, I had fun doing it.

I am hoping the fetch quest structure in the Octodad demo was just for demo’s sake. I could see that getting old over a long set of game play. I had fun with my few moments.

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