Duck Tales Remastered at E3

Duck Tales R
It was strange to sit down with Duck Tales Remastered. I haven’t played the original game in a very long time. In seconds I was taken back to the NES days gone by. Duck Tales Remastered is the game you think you remember. The graphics are slick, the sound is awesome, the the gameplay is very tight. It felt right at home being played with a PlayStation 4 control.

Besides the obvious improvement of being widescreen the graphical overhaul is (to put it mildly) shocking. This is not a quick and dirty Sega Classic style of adding a filter to your sprites to make them look softer. Duck Tales Remastered looks like it was painstakingly redrawn by Disney animators. Weather or not that is true, it looks that way, and that is what’s important.

By the end if the demo I had grin that refused to go away. Sometimes classic games try to come into the modern gaming era, they are met with varying degrees of success. If Duck Tales Remastered can keep up the level of quality that was contained in the demo, it may set the new standard for old games being made new.

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