Dive Kick at E3

Tonydive kick

Over the years, fighting games have gotten pretty hard core. With mega combo moves that require the split second precision of a laserbeam, hyper-mega reversal breakers, and three level super finishing mega death meters to fill, it’s almost impossible to pick up and play a fighting game with out being a genius level savant.

Dive Kick, decides to throw all that out the window by distilling fighting games down to their most basic level. There are two buttons in Dive Kick… and by two buttons, I mean TWO BUTTONS, no d-pad for movement… there is literally just a jump button and a kick button.

The longer you hold the jump button down, the higher you jump, and the longer you hold the kick button while you’re in the air determines the forward “dive” angle of your kick.

Oh, and did I fail to mention the game is over for the first fighter who lets themselves be kicked? Well, there, I just did!

As stupid as all that sounds, the game is undeniably fun, and incredibly deep. That’s right, none of what I just said makes any sense what-so-ever. But it’s absolutely true.

The game has a 2D, hand drawn, near cartoon look with a cast of crazy characters, all with different jumpy/divey/kicky abilities. The battles are quick and surprisingly tense, and it will make for a perfect party game to play with friends. Dive Kick is coming out soon for PS3, Vita, and Steam, and I will be purchasing it immediately thereafter.

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