Fist Full of Dollars – Ascent of Kings

Ascent of Kings

I entered Ascent of Kings thinking that it would stick to the Quiet, Please formula — about as wise as thinking Quiet, Please would stick to the Block Zombie formula. Ascent of Kings is an entirely new style of game from Nostatic Software.

You may start grinning now.

Ascent of Kings starts out simple. The king has died, and it’s time to find a new one through a series of trials that involve collecting stones (that grant you powers) and a tool (that helps you advance). You play as the youngest of several brothers — your father sends you away when the trials begin, but you return just in time to see them depart. So you follow along to avoid missing out.

Ascent of Kings gets inspiration from Castlevania, showing you items early on that you can’t reach until later. As you press on, you find your older brothers and they provide new abilities to help you advance.

Your questing is presented with a nice, vibrant look — like retro graphics from an alternate universe with a history that was much cooler than our own. And while the gameplay is different, the character movements possess the same whimsical charm found in Quiet, Please.

But Ascent of Kings has some slight control issues that left me skidding off platforms for no reason. And a few carefully-timed jumps kept me hanging in the air too long to hit my mark. These weren’t game-breaking frustrations, but they did make me unhappy near the end.

4-5 Ascent of Kings is worth one of the dollars in your fist. It will take you less than an hour to finish, but it is an less than an hour well spent. If you enjoy adventure games, there is a home for you here.

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Please note that Nostatic Software provided a free copy of Ascent of Kings for review. — I am told I have to state that…

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