A Fist Full of Dollars – Lonely Ship

Lonely Ship

I was lying on my sofa playing Lonely Ship. Generally where I sit when I review games is not important, but this time I feel it is. As I played I became very involved in what I was doing. I usually put less time into mobile games than it takes to download it. But there was something different here. Most endless upwards games I have played you either tap or tilt your phone to control your character. In Lonely Ship, I was handed complete control of my own fate. I like that. I like that a lot.

Not surprisingly in Lonely Ship you take control of a solitary ship… It is red. So what makes me keep clicking the launch button over and over? You live (and die) on the merits of your own skill. Simply dragging left or right with your thumb along the bottom of the screen steers you through space. All that is visible is what your little ship’s forward lights illuminate. The most important thing in all of this is that the controls are spot on! After a time I didn’t even notice I didn’t have an analog stick. You can pull some pretty amazing turns by how fast you move your thumb. This is important because there is a lot of things to dodge. Bring your skills.

Lonely Shipo

4-5Lonely Ship is a nice little package that will only cost you a dollar. Inkling Games manages to fit a large amount of fun into this package. It has fun visuals and an upbeat music track that will keep your toe-a-tapping. Lonely Ship is a good use of one of the dollars I know you have in your fist. Go take the cosmic journey, but be ready to have your twitch reactions tested.

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