Developer Speak – Jason Appleton

Have you ever thought to yourself – “Self, I think I would thrive in a fantasy world. I just wish there was a game that would let me own my own house and buy and sell products.” Well, I have good news for yourself, Greed Monger.

But what is Greed Monger?

Who better to explain Greed Monger than the lead designer (and nice guy), Jason Appleton. So listen up fantasy realm capitalists, time to learn about the game in your near future.

DNF: First, what is Greed Monger?

Appleton: Greed Monger is a True Sandbox Free To Play MMORPG that will feature Player Owned Land, Non Instanced Player Built Housing, PVP, PVE, Hunting, Farming and a long list of other skills. There will be no levels in the game and only a large variety of skills which you will level based on each skills use. We will generate revenue to keep the candles burning through our innovative Land Parcel System which will enable players to purchase land parcels at $20 each from which to build their house or shop etc. If a player decides to leave the game down the road, they will be able to sell their Estate as a whole, meaning their land and everything on it for real money through our Estate Auction System at which point we will keep only 15% of the total sale amount to transfer ownership rights to another player.

DNF: Tell us about the Team behind Greed Monger.

Appleton: We have established our base team full of people who are veterans in their skill set. Most of whom have 7 plus years experience in programming, 3 Modeling, Animation and so forth. We have begun interviewing others that we plan to bring on to suppliment the efforts of our base team. Nobody on our team has AAA Accolades to their credit, but that how I preferred it only because I enjoy finding the undiscovered talent in any field I’m in and giving them a chance to shine. We have some future stars on our team now, that’s for sure.

DNF: Crafting things in games is awesome. Tell us about Greed Mongers crafting System.

Appleton: Our crafting system will be very in depth where every finished item in the game will be crafted by players. When you see a house, you will know it was built board by bored, brick by brick, down to the nails used to put them together. If you see someone running around in armor, it was all crafted by players in intricate detail. Our crafting system won’t be a combined 3 materials and you’re done kind of system. Monsters wont drop finished weapons or anything like that. They will only drop materials that enable you to craft finished items and each item will have different variations on how to craft it depending on the finished item you are looking for.

DNF: How are the NPC’s helpful?

Appleton: NPC’s will help players by offering tips and clues to puzzles that will help players find treasure, hidden adventures or lead them to things they will need to open up the story of the world.

DNF: Your goal is an Ultima Online like sense of community. Do you think this will set you apart from other MMOs?

Appleton: Absolutely, if you look at our discussion forums, it’s not full of kids talking about Chuck Norris. This game has a very mature player base developing already, all of whom are eager to help in any way they can. The development of Greed Monger is very much a community effort in the sense that we pose questions to the community and base our next step on their responses. 90% of the people in our community were in love with Ultima Online as we were so they understand what we are looking to achieve. Now, at launch, there is no doubt that the flood gates will open that will attract a new element to the player base, but they will find the inability to spam global chat with ruse comments and things of that nature because everything that takes a player out of the community or world of Greed Monger has been stripped. Everything we are doing right now is focused on bringing the community closer together so that things like politics and community involvement actually mean something. I’d say that will set us apart and it’s only one element to what we are doing.

DNF: What benefits will gamers interested in Greed Monger get from helping with the Kickstarter?

Appleton: Any benefit they want. For starters, there is no parcel limit enforced on Kickstarter Backers, which means, many will be looking at it as in investment knowing property values will sky rocket early on as parcels become less available from us and players are forced to look to other players to buy land. At launch, parcels will be limited to only 4 parcels per account. What’s more, backers have options for having NPC’s modeled after their husbands or wives that can work in their homes or shops. Armor and weapons modeled to their desired style and named after them etc. We are even accepting requests for add ons based on what a player may find useful to themselves. We have already had 4 Backers claim their own castle at $2,000 each along with 56 parcels of land. There are only going to be 12 Castles in the entire game world so this is a major perk for players of the utmost faith in our game and as such they will be richly rewarded. The good news is, the people who are paying high dollar amounts for these castles are people with a community focus and plan to use their estates to help the community grow in their region. So it’s a win for everyone!

DNF: Will Greed Monger always be PvE? What of another player disrespects me and I want to go medieval on them?

Appleton: No, there will be an open PVP, full loot Climate where anything goes. We plan to add Free For All PVP Climates at a ratio of 1 to 4 PVE Climates. Keep in mind, these Climates will be so large that it will take you a very long time to walk from one end to another so you wont at all feel like you are pushed together in a cage to fight.

DNF: What is this Rare Market and how will it make me rich?

Appleton: Only some Ultra Rare items will be actually noted as being rare, but early on, players will have no idea whats rare or not until the community has established their use, ease of obtaining it and demand for it based on availability. It would be wise early on to save everything. The community will learn what is rare, we aren’t planning on making it that easy for everyone. If you have only been able to harvest and pick up 1 of any particular material in a long play session and have lots of the same of other materials, chances are it’s used to make something very cool and is considered rare. These will be in high demand thus resulting in a hefty price tag to other players.

DNF: Developer Controlled Monsters. Those three words go great together. How will this system work?

Appleton: Well, there will be times when us Devs just want to kick back and have some fun and mess with the player base a bit. So, any one of us can log in and take control of our player characters in game and engage the player base. Some of us will be good, some of us will be evil. You will never know which of us will pop into the world to either help you or hurt you. We may have gifts or guidance for all, or we could morph into a giant raid monster that will take 20 or 30 people to take down. That’s all I’m saying on that for now.

DNF: What are the benefits of battling a Dev Monster?

Appleton: Uber lootz, Money and possibly titles.

DNF: How long before players can get into the world of Greed Monger?

Appleton: We are planning for an April Alpha Test Phase for our Kickstarter Backers. We will adjust our launch time lines based on the success of that phase.

Well there you go, now you know about Greed Monger. Head over to their forums and say hello. Then hit up the Greed Monger Kickstarter and lend some support. Check back here from time to time as I know I will be keeping an eye on Greed Monger. Because I need a a massive estate in fake world. That sounds AWESOME!

Special thanks to Jason for taking the time to fill us in on his project.

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