Did Finish – Bastion

A Gift-
There have been several times in my life that I have received gifts in the form of video games. Bastion was one such game. It was more of a gift than I could have imagined.

A humble beginning-
In the first moments of Bastion, you take control of the Kid waking up in a strange world that is…broken. As you take your first curious steps forward you watch as the missing land falls from the sky to form your path. You don’t know what is ahead of you until it is in front of you. This had the tendency to create some very intense moments. Thinking fast is one of the requirements in your quest to find the shards that will repair the Bastion.

The Bastion-
It’s fairly hard to talk about the Bastion without ruining some of the finer points of the game. The very simple explanation is that it is, in video game speak, a hub world. From here you can can launch yourself to the next land to look for Shards or go to any assortment weapon’s training worlds. As you defeat enemies you gain experience and level up. You also collect little blue “shardletts” that you can spend at the Bastion to power up your weapons.

Lots to do here-
There is a lot of side content in Bastion from collecting pieces of the past to finding native animals of the world outside your safe haven. Along your solitary journey, you will find other survivors. What is strange is that all of this seems to matter. Talking to someone who beat the game before me I found that his version of the Bastion was far different than mine. That makes this adventure all the much cooler. Did I do all the side quests? I really don’t think so. Did I find all the bonus items that add’s to the Bastion’s “life”? I am sure I missed a few. But, that is perfectly okay because SuperGiant Games rewarded me with a New Game Plus after the end credits. I can find all the stuff I missed when I go back for a second play through.

Love made to your ears-
The first thing I do in most games is kill the music. I have been told I am doing something very wrong with this act. I would full heartadly agree when it comes to Bastion. The music is so tightly woven with the other elements of the game that is is impossible not have it there. Not only is it important to the game, it is amazing! The version I was given came with the soundtrack. The soundtrack has been on my phone since the day it was downloaded. It has taken me through dental appointments, long days at work, and some nights sitting up with a fussy baby. (It wasn’t for me, some of the tracks are quite calming.) Darren Korb paints a musical picture in Bastion. One that you grow deeper in love with the more you look at it.

Well, the Kid-
Now to the most unique thing about Bastion. Yes, there is more. Bastion is Narrated by one of the survivors that lives on the Bastion with you. I have to imagine this was a monstrous task to coordinate an idea that goes against the grain of just about all video game logic. After playing Bastion all you can do is stand up and start a slow clap of appreciation for the minds behind this move. I have never felt this closely connected to a games story. Near the end, it gets really intense. Not only for a moral choice you are presented with, but also for some of the narration that is happening while you deal the hurt.

Hammer time-
Bastion boast a large assortment of weapons for you to use and upgrade. They are all different and feel good in combat. I did find myself sticking to a tried and true load out. The game shines when it mixes up your weapons mid-level by presenting you with a new one to pick up. This is how you collect weapons that you find in the arsenal. There are some some crazy and satisfying stuff here. The combat itself is a combination of using your shield, melee, and a ranged weapon. It’s tight and fast.

The Verdict-
Bastion is an amazing package. Visually amazing. Audibly asounding. Perfectly playable. A play through will cost you just about five hours, and it is worth every penny you lay down for it. I cannot recommend it enough. You will find yourself sitting though the credits in stunned silence. Bastion is enthusiastically recommended.

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