Did Finish: Pixel Blocked

When I first loaded Pixel Blocked, I was reminded of a moment in my past. A grand moment. The moment I turned on my first GameBoy and played my first game of Tetris. It was that feeling of raw challenge. There was nothing between you and winning other than your skill and ability to prepare moves well into the future. This is Pixel Blocked by Daniel Truong, bringing that long ago feeling back to the forefront, then smacking the crap out of my brain.

I was mad at Pixel Blocked the day after I first played it. I downloaded it at Midnight on a Wednesday. I played it for four hours then realized it was Wednesday. Work the next day was killer. I blamed the game and not my lack of self-control (that should have dictated me dragging myself to bed). But I could not stop! Pixel Blocked would not let me stop!

At first glance you may say “OH! I am so good at this game that it’s not going to challenge me.” To that I say SHUT UP imaginary person I always quote in reviews. You are stupid and still owe me five dollars! Pixel Block is deceptive. It starts you out real nice and slow then it laughs as part of your brain start to leak out your brain in later puzzles.

How does it work?
You have very few options in Pixel Blocked. One, move your Pixel Block launcher left or right. Two, rotate the puzzle ninety degrees to line up your shot. Three, fire your Pixel Block into the puzzle board. Easy..Right? Well, you can’t just fire your Pixel Block into the puzzle board all will he nill he (ProTip: I just referenced Hamlet in a game review!) If you do, you will find a nice view of the corner you just painted yourself into. When you finally do block yourself out you will come to understand the name of the game quickly. Or, they will just continue to fly pass the board and your shot was all for not.

Pump it up!
Pixel Blocked moves fast. After each puzzle you are rewarded with a stat screen. It’s hard to explain but the combination of solving the puzzle, awesome sound effect, and the stat chart popping up makes you feel like the puzzle solving BOSS! I cannot honestly say that I solved all the puzzles in a way that would make me the puzzle solving BOSS, but I felt like him. It’s a small thing, but it’s that feeling I used to get when I would unlock an achievement, the rush of the game rewarding you for doing a good job.

It’s full of stars..
Pixel Blocked is such a treat to look at, it is almost as if the game is giving your eyes candy. It’s bright, it’s clean, and it’s fun. Far to many Xbox Independent games suffer from looking muddy or too “busy” on your TV. But not Pixel Blocked, OH NO! It will have none of those Shenanigans. It’s here to please your eyes and your ears. Pixel Blocked has nice music and sound effects. Nothing will drive it’s way into your brain in the bad way.

“Should I buy it?”
Yes, imaginary question guy, you should. Pixel Blocked earns an enthusiastic recommendation. Not only does it get my recommendation, it also earns the first ever ‘Give Your Friends a Dollar So They Can Buy It Too’ award. There is no trophy or plaque or even a printed and signed certificate for this award. I am hoping the indie game playing readers (of this hardly read site) will take this award to heart, lead their friends (who have no clue how to get to the independent market) and get them a copy of Pixel Blocked. I would rant about how hard it is to get the Independent Marketplace but those rant’s are starting to get arrow in the kneeitis. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go perfect all the puzzles.

(Pixel Blocked was developed by Daniel Truong and is available on the Xbox Live Independent Games Marketplace for 80 Microsoft Points.)

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