Did Finish: All Your Creeps

Identity Crisis. It’s the two words I would use to describe All Your Creeps by Red Button Games. What is All Your Creeps? For one, it’s a game that will make Cold War Russia get the warm fuzzy’s deep in their cold dead souls.

What is this?
I was expecting a tower defense game when I fired up All Your Creeps. I sort of got that. The game is broken down into two parts. You can play as the Communists or the Capitalist Swine (it’s from a Russian point of view). The goal of the communist side of things is to launch a rocket into space. Will the Capitilist Swine have that? NO! It’s important to note that the Capitalist are pigs in this game. Before you get upset and call into a talk radio show, I am almost 80% sure this is all tongue and cheek.

For the Mother Land
Out of the two factions you can play I had much more fun with the Communist. Where I was expecting a tower defense game I was surprised to find what I can only call an Area Defense Game. You are tasked with building a tower to fend off the nearly endless waves of weapon toting pigs that are rushing your base. It reminded me of the chaos of a well executed Zurg rush in Star Craft. Things do get crazy, very crazy. If you are looking for a pathway to build towers along, you are out of luck. Your mission is to adapt as quickly as possible, and All Your Creeps makes this very easy. You don’t gain money from killing incoming creeps; it’s all on a timer. It’s balanced well enough that you don’t ever feel (totally) overwhelmed. Your tower defense favorite towers are all here and satisfying to use.

Hot Dogs and Apple Pie
Now to the identity issues I found in All Your Creeps. Playing the creeps. Your job is to send near endless waves of pigs at the base. Your goal is to take down the rocket before the Russians achieve their goal of reaching space. The problem is it’s not that fun. Mostly you just keep tapping the spawn button and switch to flying pigs when your heavy pigs punch through the enemy’s defenses. I managed to figure out the perfect system for taking out the Russians in a few minutes. Once you let the units go, that is it. You don’t really get to pick where they go, you are at the mercy of where they want to go. That really subtracts from the fun in this mode.

Here is my issue with All Your Creeps. I really do enjoy half of it. The base defense it crazy fun. The base attacking is not fun. So do I recommend it? I do. The area defense mode is fun. You don’t really have to get into the attack mode, and if you don’t, you won’t miss anything.

(All Your Creeps by Red Button Games is available exclusively on Xbox Live Independent Games for 80 Microsoft points.)

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