8Hours Later — inFAMOUS

I may not actually be 8 hours into inFAMOUS — there is no “time played” line on the save data. I’m going to assume I’m in the 8-hour vicinity since I’m over 50% done with the game.

inFamous appears similar to Crackdown, an Xbox 360 game. But beyond driving crime gangs out of three boroughs while collecting power-up items in a world inspired by comic books, the two games don’t have much in common.

In Crackdown, you can jump from the ground to the top of a building in a single bound. In inFAMOUS, you must climb the face of the building like you got bitten by a radioactive spider!

I’m not here to declare one better than the other.

(Crackdown, however, is a recommended game.)

I will say that inFAMOUS is an awesome time! (So far.) You play as Cole, human lightning rod. He’s a former messenger who is now saddled with the task of saving millions of lives, but there’s no pressure.

I can’t say I’m too involved with the story, mostly because having a disembodied voice leading Cole around by the nose is not terribly gripping.

What is engaging is the quest to get Cole back together with his ex-girlfriend. She is upset that her sister died when he accidently blew up part of the city and unleashed a deadly virus.

Sometimes I just don’t understand women. I mean, it’s not like he left the toilet set up!

The city is very fun to run through. While Cole is not as smooth as Ezio or Altaïr in his parkour skills, he is no pushover, either. You gradually accumulate new powers that help you better maneuver through the city, giving you access to previously unreachable battery cores. (See also: Crackdown’s orbs)

HARD-ly any effort involved
My major complaint so far (and I’m told that it never gets better) is the game’s difficulty level. I set it to hard — as I do with all games — and the combat feels like they’re phoning it in.

I want to be challenged! If hard is easy, then I fear what easy is. Do the Reapers and Dustmen wet their pants and commit suicide when you get too close, saving you the trouble of fighting?

Am I Evil?
Unlike another game I recently finished , the morality system in inFAMOUS seems to matter. And oddly enough, I have not abused my moral freedom by embracing pure, oh-so-comfortable evil — the way I have in every other game I’ve played.

Since I was responsible for blowing up the city and making them all sick, I feel like this time I owe them one. But they are starting to get on my nerves…

Eight hours later, a little more challenge would be nice. But as I said, I am only halfway through the game. We will have to see what the future holds.

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