Future World Champion. No Big Deal.

My oldest brother calls me a drug dealer, sometimes. I kind of like it — it’s something to aspire to, I guess. Well, you know, minus the potential jail time.

You see, I’m a server. Servers are largely paid in cash tips from their guests. No matter how hard I try, the main bill denomination I receive features ol’ George Washington’s ugly mug (I’m still holding out for that elusive hundie…). Occasionally, I wait too long to deposit my tips into the bank, and I’m left with a nearly unmanageable pile of small bills. I separate the cash by stacking it into piles that would make my semi-obsessive compulsive madre proud. As I sit on the floor with my bounty spread ’round me, it looks like I’m the World’s Crappiest Drug Dealer, selling my wares for ones instead of twenties and fifties.

But I don’t want to be the World’s Crappiest Drug Dealer. I want to be the World’s Greatest Music Pusher. I want to give people a taste of worthwhile music, and make them need to come back for more. I’m full of music recommendations. Just ask, I’ll hand ’em out like starbursts. Or to run with the metaphor, like booger sugar. Hey, chances are, you don’t even have to ask- I have no qualms on pushing music on the unwary, if it’s something I love, or think you’d love. And while I wait for my world champion title, I’ll proudly reign as the Did Not Finish World’s Greatest Music Pusher (with the option for promotion).

I’ve been shoving music on family, friends and strangers for as long as I can remember. In middle school, I would stay up late and tape my favorite songs on the radio just so I could take my (sister’s) portable tape player to school and play them for my classmates. Even earlier than that, second and third grade saw me making my best friend sit and watch the VHS tapes of Petra and X Sinner, my then-favorite bands, trying to educate her in the ways of 90’s Christian rock.

I come by it naturally. As the youngest of four kids, I had the distinct pleasure of having my formative childhood musical opinions laid out for me by my siblings. In their cars, my brothers and sister shaped my views on “worthy” music by what they played. From the aforementioned Petra with Ken, then Dave Matthews Band and Metallica with Donald, and finally Belinda’s Ben Folds Five and Matchbox Twenty, I received a well-rounded education.

I’m serious about the World’s Greatest Music Pusher title. I’m going to school in Nashville right now, studying Music Business. My hope is to finagle my passion for pushing into a career that will make me hundreds of dollars (I don’t really want to be rich. After all, a wise man once said, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”).

So when Donald presented me with this opportunity (to push upon the masses!) I knew I had to take him up on it. So, here we all are: Donald, getting a day off of writing; me, getting to write about music; and most importantly you, hopefully discovering something new to listen to. It’s gonna get random… film scores to country, folk to rock, singer/songwriter to pop. You might love it, or you might hate it. Either way, leave a comment with your thoughts. I’m bound to find something you’ll love…

Next up… The British Are Coming! (English singer/songwriters you need to hear)

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student. waitress. unabashed lover and pusher of music. red wine and coffee enthusiast. Nashvillain.