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The list below may seem daunting at first glance. It may make you curl into a fetal position and wonder why I have such a grouping of games. Some may wonder why its not better organized.

I was asked what on that list I planned on never finishing. The simple answer is “None of them” As long as This site is alive and kicking then I will continue to chip away at that list. In the likely event the site throws its cloaked arm over it’s face and gives a dastardly laugh as it slips into the night, I will continue to work on the list.

So what can you look forward to as I beat these games? First you will get the satisfaction of seeing the title turn to red text. Second you will get my honest opinion of the game. Be it a glowing recomendation, or a horrid rebuke, I won’t sugar coat it.  Also, feel free to add me on Xbox Live or PSN. If the kids are sleeping I will gladly game with you.

–The List– *

Little Big Planet


It’s hard to believe that some games have already come of this list. Click the link below to see what they were and how they reviewed!



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